Top Pakistani Dishes to Try

Pakistan just like any other South Asian country is famous for its great food. From hot and spicy foods to delicious desserts Pakistan offers a wide variety of food. Food lovers from all over the world should try their delicious Biryani. Pakistani cuisine is a blend of various regional cooking traditions. Pakistani foods have much diversity in them and differ from region to region. So here is a list of some exquisite foods from Pakistan ever one should try

1. We are going to start our list from the famous BIRYANI. Biryani is a special rice dish which can be prepared from either Chicken or Lamb. I can praise this savory food all day. Now Biryani is prepared from a wide variety of ingredients and you can easily find many recipes on the internet but I highly recommend you to try this spicy and appetizing dish.

2. Had enough spice? Don’t worry I got you covered. In at number 2 comes the sweet and delightful Kashmiri Chai (Tea). It is a specially made tea with Pistachio and Almonds sprinkled on top. Mouth watering isn’t it? It is prepared from special tea leaves called the Kashmiri Tea leaves. It has a lot of milk and pistachios and best of all it gets ready in 10 minutes.

3. Spicing things up at number 3 we got the Keema. It is basically minced meat or beef and is an absolute treat for the meat lovers. It is not just minced meat it has a lot of traditional spices and not to mention the mouth watering and piquant aroma.

4. Full already? Believe me I was just getting started. In at number 4 we have the nutritious Fruit chat. It is basically a fruit salad with a kick of spices. Hard to leave the spices isn’t it? It is an easily prepare dish and contains apples, bananas, guava some orange juice and black pepper and salt or sugar if you like. Yep that’s about all the things you need.

5. Alright lets cool things down a bit and what’s better to cool things down than a refreshing glass of Falooda. It is a heavenly drink for summers. It contains Milk, ice cream, jelly and noodles (optional). It also contains Basil seeds. Yummy! I am getting my glass of Falooda are you?

6. Let’s add some more spice to this article. Coming in at number 6 is the Chicken Karahi or Beef Karahi. It is a classic curry with its own set of spices. It uses butter, beef, meat or chicken, black pepper, cumin, red and green chilli and many more spices. It is served with a traditional naan. It is a special dish for festivities and weddings

7. And finally last but not the least the Kulfi. It is basically an Ice cream flavor from Pakistan. It has a lot of nuts, milk and other tasty ingredients and is a traditional sweet dish for festivals such as EID and other festivals.

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