Food, fun and good times at Cove Restaurant in downtown Olympia

Food, fun and good times at Cove Restaurant in downtown Olympia

Cove celebrates its inaugural year in downtown Olympia

Owners Justin Hjelm, Cody Mills and Jason Gilbertson opened the Cove on October 5, 2022. In their youth, they spent time frequenting the Royal Lounge and Rhythm & Rye when the former businesses occupied the same space. When the building became available, Cove associates purchased it. “Cove was born from the idea that the three of us have a lot of experience in the industry on both sides,” Hjelm explains in the Olympic Sotheby’s video. “We all eat out a lot and we thought if we could take advantage of all of our positive experiences and eliminate all of the negative experiences we had, then we were confident that I can create something very engaging, entertaining and interesting. beat.” The result is an upbeat, comfortable feeling, just like you’re at the Cove.

Just two blocks from the waters of Budd Inlet, its clean, comfortable, modern aesthetic makes it the perfect place to step off the boardwalk in flip-flops or throw on a blazer for a meal special evening.

The inclusiveness of open arms extends to the artworks on display.

Works by an area photographer decorate the walls, and a friend’s daughter’s famous Dungeness crab artwork hangs above the kitchen area. Signature Cove food and beverages are locally sourced Just a few blocks from the Olympia Farmers Market, Cove can source ingredients from local suppliers and growers. “Seafood has always been an integral part of our experience, so it was definitely something we wanted to highlight on our menu,” said Hjelm. “Our two favorite signature cocktails are our bourbon and our classic.

Many of our purees, mixers and cocktails are purchased at farmers markets or even grown in one of our bartenders’ gardens and made from scratch on-site. Cove is for sports, music and entertainment Gathering to watch a football game on one of the many screens or sitting near the stage for entertainment also attracts people to the Cove. “It’s exciting,” Jason Gilbertson, partner and managing director, said in the video.

“Sports, for me and for many people, is a part of life. The competition, solidarity, togetherness and atmosphere behind the bar in the restaurant are all the same. Sometimes you don’t see people unless you pass them in certain places, and sometimes these connecting elements also bring you closer to people outside those walls. It’s more than just sitting down and eating a meal.

Cove’s local community gathering space expands With the planned expansion, Cove aims to provide an additional 2,000 square feet of space for private parties, class reunions or reception space for local groups. Directly across from the kitchen and featuring its own bar, the Cove event space is expected to be spacious enough to accommodate 60 to 75 people or up to 100 for a standing-room-only cocktail party.

Sharing the Cove menu on a larger scale, at a family birthday party, business lunch or holiday celebration, is a fun time, and such events also aim to bring the culinary and culinary successes of the first year in the next chapter. “Over the past year, we have been incredibly shocked and grateful for this little Cove family we have been able to create,” Hjelm said.

“Fortunately we have made it through this year and the future looks really bright not only for our employees but also for our customers.”