20 little-known restaurants that Good Food Guide reviewers can’t get enough of

20 little-known restaurants that Good Food Guide reviewers can’t get enough of

The Good Food Guide may be the home of the hats (places that score 15 out of 20 or above), but there are plenty of places that don’t have hats but are no less valuable. These are restaurants that our review team frequents and recommends to friends over and over again. We named them Critics’ Picks and included more than 100 selections in this year’s Guide.

You could argue that every one of the more than 450 places in the 2024 edition of the Guide is a critics’ choice, and that’s right: every restaurant, bar, cafe and pub is Handpicked by our editors and anonymously reviewed by our independent team . review team.

However, the new Critics’ Pick checkmark icon highlights those who may have slipped under your radar in the past but still have appeal worth repeated visits.

Some specialize in just one dish, others cook dishes you won’t find anywhere else or have an incredible story you need to know. Whether you’re rubbing shoulders with other diners or feeling like you’re the only one in the room, these restaurants are essential, remarkable, and revolutionary in their own way.

Ahead of the release of the 2024 Good Food Guide on October 31, here are 20 of our favorite critics’ picks, including the five finalists for People’s Choice Critics of the Year, a new award. 4 sisters Kebab & Café Türkiye First, yes, there are four sisters. Safiye, Nurten, Ayse and Fatma from the Yazar family bring different cooking and business skills, but they share one thing in common: they were raised by their mother, Elif, a talented home cook.

For breakfast, there’s menemen (grilled eggs with green peppers and tomatoes) and four-cheese gozleme. Tripe, lentil and lamb soup all have their fans. Grilled lamb Iskender kebab on fried bread with clear butter and homemade tomato sauce.

In addition to traditional baklava with nuts, there are original variations with peanut butter, coconut and even tahini. The gas station location is modest, but 4 Sisters is an accessible and welcoming cove for anyone in need of gas.